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We're Taking Legal Action to Protect the Citizens of LA County 

On January 20th, we gave notice to the LA County Board of Supervisors of our intent to challenge their recent decision to approve new changes to the LA County Code that violate the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), eliminate citizen input regarding the deployment of new wireless antennas in their neighborhoods, and lack sufficient fire and safety protections that other California municipalities are putting in their codes. 

This is not a step we took lightly. We have tried for months to engage the County Planning Department in meaningful and positive dialogue, but our requests to meet have been refused. Instead, the Planning Department engaged directly with the wireless industry, and accommodated their requests for changes in the code that ignore environmental impacts, increase the risk of fire, and take away citizen rights. 


Please join us. 

We are a coalition of local community and national non-profit organizations with one mission: to ensure that everyone in Los Angeles has access to safe, reliable, affordable, high-speed broadband connections. Our legal and technical experts have many years of experience working with municipalities across the country who are facing exactly the same issues as Los Angeles. In the face of large-scale deployment of new wireless antennas, other cities and towns are responding with new codes that are protective of citizen's rights, their safety and their health. The new LA County Codes fail to provide these basic protections. 


If you believe that everyone in LA County deserves fiber optic connections, and if you believe that the job of the municipal government is to serve the interests of the people and not the interests of the wireless industry, we hope you will support our efforts with your financial donation!

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