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• I want to know in advance if a wireless antenna is going to be installed in front of my home or apartment, and I deserve the opportunity to have my voice heard. Don't take this right away from me!


• I believe everyone in Los Angeles County is entitled to reliable, affordable, safe, future-proof high-speed fiber optic internet access. People in underserved communities deserve the same quality internet as people in the rest of the developed world. 


• No one should have to rely on slow, expensive, unreliable wireless broadband that is prone to fires and has never been proven safe.


• I understand that billions of dollars are available to help pay for high-speed fiber optic internet connections to finally fix the digital divide. Los Angeles should get its fair share of this money.


• Wireless technology is not safe for our natural world. We need our birds, bees, plants and trees to be healthy.

• I urge you to adopt the "redlined" versions of Title 16 and 22 that were submitted by Fiber First LA. The placement of wireless infrastructure must have public knowledge and input. 

Sample Letters  Use these as a starting point and write your own letter.

Sample Letter 1

Digital Divide

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Due Process

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Minority Communities

Sample Letter 4

Health / EMS

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Your Supervisors...

District 1:  Hilda L. Solis               213-974-4111       


District 2:  Holly J. Mitchell          213-974-2222       


District 3:  Sheila Kuehl                213-974-3333       


District 4:  Janice Hahn                213-974-4444       


District 5:  Kathryn Barger           213-974-5555       

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Read the report from the non-profit Benton Institute for Broadband and Society