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About us.

Fiber First LA is a non-profit community group focused on bringing safe, reliable, affordable technology to every community in Los Angeles. We are supported solely by donations from concerned individuals and have no financial ties to any industry group. Our members include community organizers, communications professionals, lawyers and concerned citizens. Feel free to reach out to us and find out how you can help!


Organizations supporting Fiber First LA County include:

Americans for Responsible Technology

East Los Angeles Coalition 

Union Binacional de Exbraceros 1942-1964

5G Free California

Malibu for Safe Tech

Eastside Padres Contra la Privatizacion (Parents against Privatization)

Boyle Heights Community Partners

EMF Safety Network

California Fires and Firefighters

Californians For Safe Technology

Our Executive Committee:

Brenda Martinez, Community Organizer, East LA

Jodi Nelson, 5G Free California

Susan Foster, Honorary Firefighter and Fire Safety Consultant

Julie Levine, 5G Free California

Doug Wood, Americans for Responsible Technology

Julian Gresser, Attorney

W. Scott McCollough, Attorney

Lonnie Gordon, Malibu for Safe Tech

Sidnee Cox, Windsor, CA

Charlene Hopey, 5G Free California

Kathleen Gildred, 5G Free California

Please contact us by using this form:

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