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A huge "THANK YOU" to everyone who showed up at the hearing on Tuesday.

Your voices made a difference!

The well-meaning but misinformed Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles County has perpetuated the digital divide, taken away your voice, eliminated due process and ignored our most important environmental laws.


Now they're spending hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars fighting in court instead of admitting their mistake. 


We won't sacrifice our rights
for inferior wireless broadband. 

Big antenna pole no wires.png

The people of Los Angeles County want and deserve reliable, low-cost, safe and secure connections to the internet. Instead, the Supervisors have decided that slow, unreliable, energy-wasting and expensive wireless broadband will close the digital divide.   Really? 

Wireless broadband is no substitute for the real thing - hard wired fiberoptic that delivers the speed and reliability needed to compete in the digital world. 

We don't believe the Supervisors are doing this on purpose. We think they've simply been misled by county workers protecting their turf and lawyers anxious to make money with a new case. 

We tried talking. We sent letters and emails. We made phone calls and tried to get meetings, but none of those things worked. 

Finally, we had to file an expensive and wasteful  lawsuit to get their attention. What did they do? They dug their heels in and decided to spend your tax dollars fighting us in court. 

Please join us in our fight to get rid of the digital divide once and for all in Los Angeles County. 

Watch the FFLA Press Conference March 12, 2024


Unless you pay for extra speed, this is what wireless broadband looks like.

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